NLC design services range from site consultations to conceptual designs to full landscape plans used to obtain bids from licensed landscape contractors. Creating a custom landscape design is a collaborative process melding site (requirements / restrictions), client (wants / needs), and designer (vision / solutions). 


Initial Consultation
 Meet on site to discuss client goals and define project objectives
 Create design proposal & installation budget 

Site Analysis
 Measure & photograph existing site
 Document existing site conditions (solar patterns, drainage issues, adjacent elements, etc.)
 Draft to scale existing base plan

Conceptual Design
 Develop conceptual plans illustrating ideas as discussed during initial consultation and review with
   client for feedback
 Present initial building material samples for client to consider (i.e. specific flagstone color or
   pebble size)
 Present initial site-specific plant palette for consideration by client

Preliminary Landscape Plan
 Develop and present final conceptual drawing based on client feedback
 Present preliminary planting plan and estimate of construction cost to client for review

Landscape Plan
 Finalize landscape and planting plan based on client feedback
 Develop necessary construction drawings to assure design intent
 Construction drawings may include demolition plan, irrigation plan and/or lighting plan as well as
   section or elevation sketches of specific garden features.

Landscape Installation & Garden Establishment

 Provide drawings to project-appropriate list of contractors for bidding and assist in contractor
   selection and bid comparison
 Construction assessment: Observe the installation process regularly to ensure it meets the
   design intent.
 Plant placement or layout verification prior planting
 Create and verify with both client and contractor a punch list of items to be addressed prior to
   landscape being considered ‘completed’
 Establish 18 month maintenance guideline for new vegetation